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Unqualified Ethanol Truck Drivers Cause Many Accidents

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The number of ethanol vehicles on the road has grown as manufacturers look for renewable ways to power vehicles. Large trucks transport the ethanol itself, and these large vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries during an accident. The ethanol spill itself can also be dangerous. If you have recently been involved in an accident with an ethanol vehicle, the subsequent steps you take are critical if you want to defend your claim.

Ethanol Is Highly Flammable 

Ethanol is one of the most dangerous substances transported on the road. It is flammable and easily ignites when exposed to a sparking wire or an open flame. 

Breathing in Ethanol Is Dangerous

Long-term exposure to ethanol fumes can make breathing difficult. If you're trapped in your vehicle for an extended period, you may have no choice but to breathe in the fumes until help arrives.

Ethanol Truck Drivers Must Be Qualified

Because ethanol is so dangerous, all truck drivers must obtain a special permit to transport this fuel. But the driver involved in your accident case might have exhibited a high level of negligence, and you might wonder why.

Some employers are negligent when hiring employees. They overlook inadequate qualifications because they struggle to find enough qualified drivers. Then, they put a motorist on the road who swerves and causes rollover accidents or makes a sudden stop that is highly dangerous. To transport ethanol, the driver needs the usual trucking license and an FMCSA or DOT certification.

Employers Are Liable for the Reckless Actions of Their Employees

Regardless of whether the employer is at fault, you will still be able to seek compensation from the employer because they will have vicarious liability for the accident. In other words, the employer is responsible for any negligent actions carried out by the employee. 

You Deserve Full Compensation for Your Truck Accident

By working with a truck accident attorney, you'll be able to get to the bottom of why your truck accident occurred. Your attorney might reveal that the driver did not have the proper credentials.

Suppose the employer was grossly negligent, and your case goes to trial. If so, you may receive the usual damages such as compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and punitive damages. The judge has the discretion to award punitive damages. Punitive damages can be surprisingly high. Therefore, you'll want to work closely with your truck accident attorney to prove that the other party was grossly negligent.

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