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Why Divorce Is No Time For Social Media

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Everyone used social media to keep in touch, read the news, be entertained, and more. However, there are times when you should avoid posting on any social media site, and going through a divorce is one of them. Read on to find out how posting on social media sites may complicate things during a divorce.

Don't Create Problems

Social media may be the place where you go to get validation after a marriage breaks up. It can be comforting to get support while you are feeling confused and vulnerable. However, what you post could be used against you in the divorce. No matter how well you and your spouse are getting along during the divorce, posts that appear to support you could end up trashing your spouse instead. That could turn an amicable divorce into a war. Stay on good terms with your spouse while you are negotiating your divorce.

Don't Stalk Your Spouse

It is too tempting to use social media sites to keep up with what your spouse is up to after your separation. However, you would probably be better off not knowing. It's always bad to see photos of your ex with a new relationship interest, even when the divorce was your idea. That works both ways as well. Don't post photos of yourself at parties or socializing with others, now is not the time. When the breakup is recent, reading and posting can cause friction and bad feelings. You need all the cooperation you can get as you go through your divorce.

Don't Brag

Many of your friends and family will be happy to see you moving on and enjoying yourself after a split. However, what might look like moving on to you could look bad for your divorce. Any posts that speak of spending money can cause problems. Don't post photos, for instance, of you with a new car, clothing, on vacation, etc. A divorce is primarily a financial event, and you don't want to portray the wrong idea about your financial situation, regardless of how you got the money. You cannot post brag shots and then ask for spousal support. Your actions can also affect things like child support, marital property divisions, and marital debt.

Speak to your divorce lawyer about using social media during your divorce. They probably have plenty of stories about past clients that posted inappropriately and paid the price when it came to their divorce. Many make the mistake of assuming that their privacy setting will prevent problems. However, if a legal issue arises, the other side can ask the judge to subpoena your social medial posts. Speak to a divorce lawyer to find out more.