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4 Questions About Personal Injury Cases Involving Brain Injuries

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Have you or a loved one been in an accident that potentially caused a brain injury? If so, you likely have these common questions.

When Is Someone More At Risk Of Having A Brain Injury?

You should be concerned about a potential brain injury when a child is involved in an accident. That is because their brain is still developing, which makes them more susceptible to a brain injury caused by an impact or by whiplash. Elderly people are also more at risk of having a brain injury since their age group is more likely to be hospitalized due to head trauma. 

Does Receiving A Concussion Count As A Brain Injury? 

Any time someone sustains a concussion they should visit a doctor to be evaluated for a potential brain injury. The Glasgow Coma Scale can be used by a doctor to determine how severe a concussion is. Points are assigned to things like eye opening, motor response, and verbal response, with more points being awarded for being more responsive. This means that a low score can help prove the severity of a brain injury for those that had a concussion after an accident. It is very helpful data that can be used in a personal injury lawsuit. 

Are There Symptoms Of A Brain Injury To Look Out For?

One of the problems with a brain injury is that it is an invisible injury. This can make it very hard to prove that someone has a brain when filing a personal injury lawsuit. That's why it's important to document the potential signs of a brain injury so that there is proof for a future injury lawsuit.

Keep a journal of the symptoms that you observe in the person that was injured. Write down examples of forgetfulness, repeating themselves, headaches, having a foggy brain, and things of that nature. Even emotional changes and irritability can be signs of brain damage. It is hard for an injury victim to notice these signs, but friends and family members may notice these obvious changes. 

What Problems Can You Expect When Filing A Lawsuit? 

Anyone that suffers a brain injury is going to have trouble communicating the nature of their injury, and often depends on others to help them. It's important to be patient during the process because doctors and lawyers are going to put more care into working on your case due to the complexity of the situation. With the right team on your side, you should hopefully receive the compensation that is deserved in court.

Reach out to a brain injury attorney in your area to find out more.