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How A Divorce Lawyer Protects Kids From Annulment Conflict

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More couples are acknowledging that staying together for the kids when the marriage isn't working isn't sustainable. The longer they stay together, the worse their relationship becomes, and sooner or later, they wouldn't be able to contain their frustrations. And then what?

Perhaps, it's better to take the bull by the horns and figure out how to shield the children from any disputes. An amicable divorce saves you from a lifetime of resentment and ensures you can provide your kids with a conducive growing environment. To ascertain that the kids will remain a priority throughout the annulment, be sure to hire a divorce lawyer to oversee the process. Read on to learn how their professional intervention will protect your kids from annulment conflict.

Have Legal Representation During Every Divorce Discussion

Divorcing couples' greatest challenge, whether they're staying together or if one person decided to move out, is having amicable discussions. The looming annulment makes each party defensive, and with so much animosity in the air, anything can be blown out of proportion.

Obviously, the last thing you want as a parent is for your kids to see you fighting with your co-parent. However, since you're caught up in the complexity of the divorce, you can easily lose your cool and paint your co-parent in a bad light. And whether or not your expressions are justified is beside the point because the kids don't know the whole story.

You're better off having legal representation during every divorce discussion, as this will discourage you from expressing every negative thought that comes to mind. This way, the time you and your spouse spend with the kids separately or together can be quality and rid of any negative energy.

Have a Professional You Can Vent To

Venting is the surefire way to ease frustration, but you should be careful who you vent to when you're going through a divorce. Aside from keeping things under wraps until the divorce is final, you should also ensure the stress doesn't push you into talking to the kids about your frustrations.

Looping them into the annulment forces them to take sides when all they want is to love both their parents. Instead, talk to your attorney about all your frustrations and let them advise you on any actions you can take to speed up the annulment.

Make Custody Arrangements

When you're divorcing your partner, it's crucial to distinguish between who they are as a spouse and a parent. While the marriage might not have worked, if they're a good parent, you shouldn't deny the kids the right to spend time with their mother or father.

To smooth out this issue, ask your attorney to help you make custody arrangements that allow both of you to be parents to your kids. Separating the divorce from parenting also helps you establish a good co-parenting relationship as you go your separate ways.

For more information, contact a divorce lawyer near you.