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Suing a Speeding Driver for Causing Serious Injuries in a Collision

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Did a speeding driver collide with your vehicle and cause life-threatening injuries that you were fortunate enough to survive? If you are still recovering from the injuries and were not offered a fair amount of money by the other party's insurance provider, legal action should be pursued. You are not obligated to accept compensation in an amount that does not cover your medical expenses. An attorney will help you get money for your medical expenses, as well as several other things that you might not be aware of that you can sue the other party for. The chance of getting compensated faster is also higher if you hire a personal injury attorney to work on your dispute.

Why Is Pursuing a Lawsuit Important for Serious Injuries?

The worst part about suffering from serious injuries in a collision is that the recovery process can be long and stressful. For instance, as you are going to a physician for treatment, medical bills will constantly build-up that can be difficult to pay for. Stress levels can increase to the extent of causing depression, which might need to be treated along with your physical injuries from the collision. Pursuing a lawsuit is important because in most cases, a lawsuit is the best way to receive a compensation amount that can cover your long-term needs. In a lawsuit, an attorney will consider your medical expenses, pain and suffering, and everything that changed in your life due to the collision.

Is a Lawsuit Necessary If the Insurance Company Cooperates?

The thing about getting compensated via the other party's insurance provider is that no matter how cooperative the insurance company may be, the compensation amount that you can receive is limited. An insurance company is only obligated to pay up the fullest payout amount that is in the policy. An attorney will attempt to obtain the fullest payout amount on your behalf and open a lawsuit if you deserve more money. The lawsuit will be against the other party for compensation that could not be obtained via his or her insurance provider.

What Can an Attorney Do to Speed Up a Settlement?

The most common method for speeding up a settlement in a personal injury case is to attempt negotiating before going to court. For example, an attorney will contact the other party along with his or her legal representation to request a mediation session to negotiate. If the request is denied, the only other option is to pursue a lawsuit. However, if mediation is successful, you can receive compensation faster than going to court.

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