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Do Not Stay In Jail: Contact A Bail Bond Professional

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After an arrest for a seemingly minor crime, it can seem that contacting a bail bond company is not necessary. After all, for a minor charge, you should be out of jail quickly, right? Unfortunately, the answer is not always yes. It does not matter the charge, if you are sent to jail and you decide to stay in jail instead of contacting a bail bond company, the outcome might not be entirely pleasant for you. 

Health Concerns

The pandemic has introduced a great deal of uncertainty in the world recently. However, when you consider the tight quarters that shape most detention centers, it can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to stay healthy and infection-free within these facilities. Even worse, the longer you remain in these areas, the greater your risk of becoming sick. The sooner you contact a bail bonds professional, the sooner you can return home to stay as safe as possible. 

Loss of Employment

Employers do not always return the favor when it comes to missed time from work. Sometimes it does not matter how much of a model employee you have been, if you fail to show up for an extended period of time, and they discover it's because you are in jail, it is very possible that they may terminate your employment. If the terms of your release require you to remain employed, this sort of situation can be especially stressful, not to mention that your source of income will be lost.

Presumption of Guilt

Sometimes, a decision, or seemingly willingness, to remain behind bars could reflect as a presumption of guilt. Typically, if an individual is not guilty as charged, they want to do everything in their power to get out of jail as quickly as possible. Remaining in jail does not mean that you are guilty, but it can be perceived as an acceptance of the penalty that comes along with guilt. Contact a bail bond professional for help with your release. 

Court Delays

Typically, the bail process for cases is handled based on the severity of the crime, with individuals charged with more serious crimes spending some time behind bars before they face jail. While this practice is the standard, it is not always the case. Court delays can extend the amount of time people with minor violations have to wait before they are released. 

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested, you can work to avoid these mishaps. Ensure speaking with a bail bond professional is a top priority.