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Can You Avoid Parental Alienation?

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Have you heard of parental alienation? If you have an impending divorce, you might worry that you might accidentally alienate your child's other parent. Parental alienation involves damage and destruction to an otherwise loving relationship between parent and child.

Keep in mind that parental alienation does not apply to cases involving abuse and neglect. If you have been abused or neglected, you may request an order of protection or restraining order that will help you and your child stay safe.

Want to avoid accusations of parental alienation? This is what you need to know.

What Does Parental Alienation Look Like?

Parental alienation can come in many forms. Many people do not realize they may be alienating a parent and child. One example of behavior that could be parental alienation includes disconnecting a phone so that a child cannot speak with another parent on the phone. Limiting contact and preventing the giving of gifts from another parent may be a sign of parental alienation. This might also involve persuading a child not to engage with the other parent.

Another form of parental alienation involves allowing a child to speak negatively about the other parent or allowing the child to hear the parent doing so. It can also be alienating to convince your child not to spend time with their other parent by displaying negativity when they exhibit positive feelings about their other parent. Another example issing a child to send messages to another parent or to spy on him or her.

How Can You Avoid Parental Alienation?

There are many ways you can avoid parental alienation. One easy way is to allow your child to have direct communication with their other parent. You can also benefit from allowing your child to speak freely about their other parent without offering your own input.

You can also avoid parental alienation by discussing your plans with your attorney. Your attorney helps you determine how to move forward with your divorce and custody battle.

What Is the Best Way to Move Forward?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for those who contend with divorce and custody situations. If you have questions about parental alienation and how you can move forward toward a healthy relationship with your child and your child's parent, your attorney can be a great help. Call an attorney today to set up a consultation that will leave you feeling better about your situation.

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