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See A Lawyer About Defamation Of Character

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Defamation of character is something that has taken place when a person makes false statements about another person or even a business and those things are said in an environment where they can be heard (or seen) and lead to harm to a person or business's reputation. The statements can be said verbally, or they may be written on any type of medium where others would be able to view it. Libel and slander both fall under that defamation of character umbrella. Libel simply means that the statement was made via writing. Slander is when that statement is spoken out loud. Defamation of character is a general term that covers both, libel and slander.

If you have had someone say something that is not true about you and it was done so in a way that allows others to see or hear the comment, then you may have a case and you should talk to a personal injury lawyer. Being the victim of defamation of character is something that personal injury lawyers handle because having your reputation negatively impacted would be considered to be a personal injury.

What is an example of slander?

An example of slander would be if you got into an argument with your neighbor regarding your parking in front of their house all the time. If they then went to the stores nearby and pointed you out to people and told them that you are always drunk when you drive and this is simply not the truth, then this can cause problems for you. You may find cashiers don't want to sell you liquor when you do go in for some, you may find that your employer starts treating you differently and you might even find your kid's friends no longer want their kids to hang out with your kids. This would be a time when you should speak to a personal injury attorney.

What is an example of libel?

An example of libel would be if you got into an argument with someone online, so they started to post things online about you and claimed them to be true and those things negatively impacted your life. So, if you argued with someone online and then you logged into social media the next day to find that the person wrote somewhere that you cheat on your spouse and claimed it really happened, then this can create many issues. Your spouse may think of leaving you, you may find the people at your church look at you with mean glares, and you might even find that you get treated poorly at work. This is why you would want to see a personal injury lawyer.