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2 Mistakes To Avoid Right After Being Hurt In A Car Accident

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If you were recently hurt in a car accident, you may still be learning to deal with your new injuries. However, you will also find that the insurance companies have started hounding you to get information. While you find this a confusing time, make sure you do not make either of the mistakes below in the days that follow the accident.

Providing a Statement to the Insurance Company

Even if you are still recovering in the hospital, you will most likely be contacted by the insurance company for a statement. While you may feel that there is no harm in giving them a basic statement detailing the accident, refrain from discussing the accident with them until a later date.

Especially if you are still reeling from your injuries, your memory of the accident may still be a bit hazy. The insurance company may be counting on your fragmented recollection of the events. If you give a statement but later remember other details, they may claim you are trying to recant and change your story. This could give them an opportunity to deny any claim in the future.

Instead of giving them a statement right away, wait until you have had time to really think about what happened. Sit down, and write out everything you can remember. If you are physically and mentally ready, you may also want to revisit the accident scene to see if it would spark your memory.

After you have this information in hand, you may also want to speak with a law firm like Catherine G. Langlois Professional Corp. so they can go over it with you. Then, if you wish, they can give the statement for you.

Agreeing to Quickly Settle for Any Injuries

While trying to get a statement from you, the insurance company may also try to get you to settle as quickly as possible. While you may feel that the money would come in handy, do not agree to any settlement so soon after the accident.

Because you may not know the full impact of your injuries, you may find that you need extensive treatment or therapy to help you recover. If you agree to an early settlement, any medical bills afterward would be your responsibility, potentially devastating both your health and finances.

Avoiding the above mistakes directly after a car accident can help strengthen your claim and help your case later on. As soon as possible after the accident, set up a consultation with an auto accident lawyer so they can offer you guidance on how to proceed with handling the case in the future, as well as discuss having them handle the case for you.