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2 Ways That An Attorney Can Help You After Your Dog Has Bitten Someone

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Finding out that your dog has bitten someone can be an extremely frightening experience, especially when you consider the possible consequences. In many cases, your dog biting someone can lead to a lawsuit against you and the chance that your family's pet will be put down for being dangerous. Listed below are two ways that a dog bite attorney can help you after your dog has bitten someone.

Assumption Of Risk

One of the most common ways for a dog bite attorney to help you out is by attempting to prove that the person who was bitten voluntarily decided to take the risk that ended with him or her being bitten. One way that this can work is if your dog bit someone while you were out walking your dog and the other person decided to continue approaching the dog despite your warnings to stay away. However, you will want to be cautious in this situation as this defense will not work if you did not provide sufficient warning to the person who was bitten before the bite occurred.

This defense can also be used if someone was bitten on your property. For example, if you have a dog on your property and a sign warning people of the presence of a dog on the property, then someone is voluntarily putting themselves at risk of getting bitten if they still choose to trespass or enter your property without your consent. This only really works if you did not invite the person who was bitten onto your property and there were warnings about the presence of the dog. 


Another way that your attorney can help if your dog has bitten someone is by attempting to prove that your dog was provoked. In many cases, you and your dog cannot be held liable if your dog was forced into biting someone because he or she felt threatened. For example, if someone is causing your dog pain by striking the dog or throwing things at him or her, then it was only natural for the dog to defend himself or herself in order to stop the pain or attack. 

This can also be used if your dog was startled. In many cases, if a dog is startled, he or she may lash out due to fear. An example of this would be someone purposely or accidentally stepping on the dog's paw or tail while he or she was sleeping. 

Contact an attorney today in order to discuss how he or she can help you protect yourself and your dog after a biting incident. An attorney can help you by attempting to prove that the person who was bitten assumed that risk voluntarily or that the dog was provoked. For more information, contact professionals like Scherline And Associates.