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Summer Vacation During A Divorce: Tips For Parents

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Summer is here and in many households, it's time to go on vacation. For divorcing parents thinking about going away with a child, travel can get tricky. Divorces are emotionally charged, legally sticky situations that can complicate vacation plans. If you're in the midst of a divorce and wish to take your child on vacation, it's important to proceed carefully. The following tips will help.

Stay Organized

Getting packed for a vacation while in the midst of a divorce can be a logistical challenge. Depending on where you are in the divorce proceedings, your child's possessions may be divided between two households. As a parent, it's easy to forget what possessions are in what household, which can make packing and planning difficult. Start packing early. You may be able to work with your divorcing spouse to ensure that your child has what he or she needs. However, if this kind of coordination and negotiation isn't possible, you may need to purchase a variety of supplies before leaving.

Work With Your Child

Going on vacation to the same vacation spots of previous years can be painful for some children, while other children may find it distressing to go somewhere new. To help ensure a smooth and stress-free trip, work with your child to find out what he or she would prefer. Explore the options together and choose a place that is mutually appealing.

Handle Logistics Carefully

Children may go on vacation—even an international vacation—with their parents during divorce proceedings. However, it's important to work carefully with your lawyer. Your family law professional can tell you when it's important to seek permission from your divorcing spouse. Note that international trips may require special written permission from your divorcing spouse.

Your lawyer can tell you when and how to seek this permission. Be up front as you make plans, giving specific dates and destinations for your travel. Also note that your divorcing spouse must be present in order to obtain your child's passport, if your child doesn't have a passport already. If this is uncomfortable for you or your child, traveling domestically may be a better choice.

Going away on a vacation during your divorce can be a good experience for you and your child, however, it must be done properly to avoid damaging your case during the divorce. For more information about going on summer vacation this year, talk to your lawyer. He or she can give you tips and advice that will help you avoid problems.