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A Few Situations When You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Mental Anguish

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When you have been hurt physically due to someone else's neglect or carelessness, you know you can talk with a personal injury attorney to be compensated for the medical bills, loss of wages, and the emotional toll it took on you. However, you may not realize that personal injury law is not limited to emotional damage only when in combination with a physical injury. Here are a few situations where a personal injury lawyer can help when you are suffering from mental anguish caused by someone else.

Witness to a Trauma

Just because you were not involved in a car crash or the victim of a crime does not mean you were not traumatized if you saw it happen. If you are exhibiting or feeling the different types of emotional distress, such as anxiety, depression, grief or unexplained stress, you should seek counseling from a psychological counselor and a personal injury attorney. You should not have to lose sleep, work, or be afraid to live your life because of what you saw. The person responsible for the crash or crime needs to make restitution to you for your counseling bills and for your pain and suffering.


If you are being discriminated against in the workplace for whatever reason and it is causing you to miss work or be constantly afraid when you do go to work, you can sue for intentional emotional damages. In addition, if your employer is not trying to rectify the situation you have a good case against the company as well.


In this age of technology and social media, people are spending more time online; often with people they have never met in person. The meaning behind the written word on social media sites can often be misinterpreted, leading to online arguments and hurt feelings. However, when things get out of hand and you feel humiliated, scared, depressed, or anxious in any way, you need to seek counseling and legal help. A personal injury lawyer will know what charges can be brought against the bully and how to go about filing them so the bullying stops immediately.

Emotional anguish is not something to be taken lightly. People end up unable to perform daily activities, maintain any type of social life, and may even resort to suicide. If you are experiencing any symptoms of emotional distress, or if you know someone who is, seek appropriate medical help and then contact a personal injury lawyer like those at Erickson Law Office to make sure your stress is not made worse with financial problems.