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4 Signs It Is Time for a Divorce

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If you have been thinking about divorce for a while but haven't quite made the decision, it can be hard knowing when it is time. There are some signs that might indicate now is the right time to see a lawyer and file for divorce, including the following.

You Don't Get Emotional about the Thought of Divorce

You might have noticed that when you used to think about divorcing your spouse, you went through a series of emotions. You felt regret, sadness, and longing for the marriage you once had. While any divorce is an emotional and stressful experience, your emotions often change when you have accepted that this is the best course of action. You might still feel some sadness over no longer being with your spouse, but you notice all of your actions aren't necessarily fueled by the same emotions that they once were.

You Don't Threaten Divorce during a Fight

This might seem like you are headed in the opposite direction, but many people that threaten divorce during a fight don't actually want a divorce. It is often said out of anger and frustration, and actions to file for divorce rarely follow the fight. Many people who truly are thinking about getting divorced will wait until the fighting is over and have a calm discussion about it with their spouse. They take action and think seriously about what they will do after filing. This is not the same thing as shouting something in anger. If you no longer threaten it but have seriously considered it and taken action, it might be time to speak to a lawyer.

You Have Researched Divorce Lawyers

A big sign that it might be time for a divorce is if you have actually begun taking actions, such as researching divorce layers. This is one of the first things you will do when you have made a decision to file. Even if you haven't scheduled an appointment or spoken to one yet, the fact that you have researched them is a step toward dissolution of marriage. This doesn't mean you can't go back on your decision, but that you might be ready to take the next step and discuss it with your spouse.

You Feel Like You Don't Have Control

If you feel that your spouse has control over your life, and you no longer do, it might be time for a divorce. This is a common reason why people file. You may feel as if your life belongs to someone else and that you want your life back. That you are not living it as fully as you could. You might also feel that the constant fighting and bickering is leaving you feel alone, even though you're still married. These are all signs that you could be headed toward divorce.

For more information, consult a divorce attorney.