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Identifying Warning Signs Of A Doomed Relationship

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As you proceed with your divorce, you may be wondering whether you will find love again. While many divorcees live happily ever after following their first divorce, understanding why your marriage failed in the first place will help you to avoid a divorce in your next relationship.

The most common reason why marriages fail is that the partners get married for the wrong reason. You might feel that the next step is to get married even if you notice that there are some things of concern in the relationship. Many of the problems in the marriage that eventually lead to divorce are often in the relationship before both partners get married. If you notice warning signs before the marriage, it is best to put the marriage off than to enter a doomed marriage.

Consider: How You Fight

One of the most common warning signs of a doomed relationship is when you are unable to resolve conflicts. Most couples fight, but what matters is how you handle a fight. One common mistake is for couples to choose not to discuss those things that bother them. They retreat to a safe distance, or use the silent treatment. Also, if one partner routinely is the winner in conflicts, while the other partner is the loser, this is a warning sign that the relationship may not work. Finally, belittling and personal attacks are usually a deal breaker.

Consider: Your Hopes and Dreams

You will both need to be on the same page regarding your priorities. For example, if one of you is more concerned with having children while the other is focused on wanting to travel, these differences in opinion will create conflicts that can cause resentment and dissatisfaction. One common mistake is to go along with your partner's life's aspirations. However, this eventually leads to resentment and can break the relationship.

Consider: How You Touch

A lack of physical touching and intimacy is a final indication that your marriage might not work. If your partner is cold and does not want to touch you, this coldness is likely to become worse as your marriage progresses. Touching acknowledges your presence and shows that you are desired.

Be on the lookout for red flags in your relationship. It might be tempting to explain away these warning signs, but whatever warning signs you notice will only worsen after you get married and it is essential that you either address these problems before getting married or avoid getting married at all. Contact a divorce lawyer like Winstein, Kavensky & Cunningham, LLC. for more information.