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3 Ways To Legally End Your Marriage

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If your marriage is heading in a downward spiral, you may want to end it. The challenges of living with another person who you are constantly arguing with may simply prove to be too much. Knowing the legal ways to divorce can help you prepare for this difficult time in life.

Contested divorce

When one of the spouses wants to end the marriage and the other doesn't, this may facilitate the need for a contested divorce. This is one of the more complex types of divorces to obtain, but maybe you only option when the other spouse is not agreeable.

You will need to rely on the assistance of the court to help you legally divide all of the properties you have together. This may take a great deal of time because the courts are slow due to many cases.

Additionally, the cost for a contested divorce is much higher than many others. The average cost of divorcing in this method is around $15,000.

Uncontested divorce

When both of the spouses agree, the marriage should end, the uncontested divorce should be selected. This is one of the simplest methods of divorcing and will allow you to dissolve the marriage in a short amount of time in most cases.

If you and your spouse can agree on the division of the property, custody of the children if involved, and all of the other critical decisions needed, you can avoid relying on the court. This will shorten the amount of time that it takes for you to end the legal union considerably.

At-fault divorce

When one of the spouses is the reasons the marriage is ending, this will require the completion of an at-fault divorce.There are numerous reasons this divorce may be selected, and some of these are listed below:

1. Violence – If there is abuse against either of the spouses, this is a cause to file for an at-fault divorce.

2. Adultery – When one of the spouses has engaged in sexual activity with another person outside of the marriage, this is a cause to end the union.

3. Imprisonment – Being incarcerated for a specific amount of time can allow the other spouse to file for an at-fault divorce.

Finally, if you need to end your marriage, be sure to choose the best method for faster results at a lower cost. By enlisting the aid of a family law attorney such as Smith Phillip C Attorney At Law, you can learn which divorce type suits your situation.